How to get live wallpapers Windows 11

How to get live wallpapers Windows 11

The Windows operating system is ever-changing, and its latest release, Windows 11, brings many new features and improvements that make the computer experience more unique and exciting. One of these features is live wallpapers, which add an aesthetic and dynamic touch to your desktop. Suppose you want to know how to get animated wallpapers in Windows 11 and customize them according to your tastes. Then this article is for you. We will explain how to get animated wallpapers and customize them to make your computer experience more impressive. We will give you simple steps and essential tips to get the best-animated wallpapers that suit Windows 11 and reflect your personality and interests. Keep reading to find out how to transform your desktop into a dyna

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How to get live wallpapers Windows 11

After turning on your computer, your desktop is the first interface you see. Aside from the operating system interface, it is the most prominent one. Animated wallpapers play a significant role in making your desktop look dynamic and beautiful. If you appreciate beauty and want to make your desktop look unique, animated wallpapers may be the perfect solution. This guide will provide detailed information on getting animated wallpapers in Windows 11. We’ll cover the necessary tools and steps to customize and exploit them to give your computer a special touch that matches your taste and needs. Let’s explore how to turn your desktop into a stunning visual experience with Windows 11 animated wallpapers.

Live wallpapers on Windows 11

Windows 11 brings many improvements and new features, significantly enhancing the user experience. One such feature is the ability to use animated wallpapers, also known as “Live Wallpapers,” to add more vivid and aesthetic details to the desktop. This technology imparts a dynamic character to the desktop, providing a brighter and more compelling user experience. Whether seeking a unique visual appeal or wanting to personalize their desktop environment, Windows 11 offers the option of using animated wallpapers. In this regard, it is imperative to explore the process of accessing and activating these wallpapers to give a lively and fresh touch to the desktop environment.

First, click on the Windows sign at the bottom of the screen, as shown below.

Image from: Windows 11 logo
Image from: Windows 11 logo, for the article How to get live wallpapers Windows 11

After that, go to the Microsoft Store.

Image from: Microsoft Store
Image shown: Microsoft Store, for the article How to get live wallpapers Windows 11

If it is not shown in this list, search for it and then go to it.

Image from: Search for Microsoft Store
Image showing: Searching for the Microsoft Store for the article How to get live wallpapers Windows 11

After moving to the Microsoft Store, search for Lively Wallpaper. Then, go to install it on your computer.

Image from: Search for Lively Wallpaper
Image showing: Search for Lively Wallpaper.

Then click get and wait for it to install on your computer.

Image from: Installing Lively Wallpaper
Image showing: Installing Lively Wallpaper, for the article How to get live wallpapers Windows 11

See that it is downloaded and installed on your computer. After installation, click Open.

Image from: click Open
Image is shown: Click Open for the article How to get live wallpapers Windows 11

This interface will open for you. Choose the appropriate image for you.

Image from: Lively Wallpaper
Image showing: Lively Wallpaper, for the article How to get live wallpapers Windows 11

After choosing the live Wallpaper, once you click on it, it will quickly create a background for your computer. Live wallpapers can transform your Windows 11 desktop into a dynamic canvas that evolves with you, whether you choose serene nature scenes, charming animations, or interactive wallpapers that respond to touch.

Set live wallpapers on Windows 11

In the contemporary era of digital technology, Windows 11 incessantly rolls out updates and enhancements aimed at elevating the user experience. One of the noteworthy attributes that augment the aesthetic and liveliness of your desktop is the introduction of animated wallpapers- also known as “Live Wallpapers.” This development represents a pioneering transformation that empowers users to personalize their work environment uniquely and dynamically, infusing it with dynamism and excitement. To this end, we will delve into configuring animated wallpapers on Windows 11, elucidating the simple steps you can follow to relish a novel and captivating experience on your computer.

First, open Lively Wallpaper on your computer. After that, click on Add Wallpaper at the top of the screen.

Image from: Add Wallpaper
Image shown: Add Wallpaper for the article How to get live wallpapers Windows 11

After that, you can select a video from the computer’s memory or fetch a video link from YouTube to make it a live wallpaper for the computer.

Image from: select a video
Image shown: Select a video for the article How to get live wallpapers Windows 11

After selecting the video or image from your computer or YouTube and adding it, it will appear to you in the program as below. Click on it, and it will be set as a computer wallpaper.

Image from: computer wallpaper
Image showing: computer wallpaper, for the article How to get live wallpapers Windows 11

That’s all there is to it, of course.
You can delete the video or photo by clicking on the three dots. Then, delete, watch, or open its folder to change the colors.

Image from Open the folder or delete the image
Image shown: Open the folder or delete the idea for the article How to get live wallpapers Windows 11

Yes, that’s all. In this way, you can make a live wallpaper for your computer through a video on your computer or a link to a video on YouTube.

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Transform your desktop into a lively and exciting spectacle with animated wallpapers in Windows 11. By selecting animated wallpapers that align with your interests and tastes, you can make your computer experience brighter and more enjoyable with numerous online sources offering free Windows 11 live wallpapers. You can choose from various artistic, natural, or stunning looks. By following the simple and easy steps outlined in this article, you can easily set up attractive animated wallpapers and enhance the beauty of your desktop, making your Windows 11 experience more exciting and creative. Explore the many live wallpapers available and select the ones that best express your personality and interests. We hope you have a fun and thrilling Windows 11 experience with your new animated wallpapers!

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