How to Recover a Deleted Photo on Android

How to Recover a Deleted Photo on Android

Photographs have become an integral part of our lives in this era of modern technology. Android has emerged as one of the most popular mobile operating systems with the widespread use of smartphones. However, there may be times when we accidentally delete or lose photos for various reasons, which can be a cause for concern. This article will explore practical and convenient methods to recover deleted photos on Android devices.

How to Recover a Deleted Photo on Android

Losing photos can be a frustrating experience, and it’s normal to feel anxious. However, there is no need to worry as we have provided sufficient instructions and detailed steps in this article about recovering deleted photos on Android. We’ve covered the various methods and tools available to users, including data recovery and photo recovery apps. Regardless of the reason behind deleting photos, this article provides the necessary steps to recover and store your precious photos securely on your smart device.

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Recover a Deleted Photo from Recycle bin

If you accidentally delete your precious photos on an Android smartphone, don’t worry. These smartphones have a recovery system to help you retrieve deleted files, including images. In this paragraph, we will guide you through recovering deleted photos from the trash on Android devices. We will provide practical and effective steps to help you restore your lost memories.

1. First, open the gallery on your phone.

Open the gallery How to Recover a Deleted Photo on Android
Open the gallery

2. Now click on the three dashes below.

Click on the three dashes How to Recover a Deleted Photo on Android
Click on the three dashes

3. After that, click on Recycle bin.

Click on Recycle bin How to Recover a Deleted Photo on Android
Click on Recycle bin

4. Now click on Edit at the top.

Click on Edit How to Recover a Deleted Photo on Android
Click on Edit

5. After that, select All and click Restore All.

Click Restore All How to Recover a Deleted Photo on Android
Click Restore All

As we close our exploration of recovering essential moments, it becomes evident that the Recycle Bin feature on Android phones offers a vital starting point for retrieving deleted photos. This simple yet effective tool can save time and effort while recovering pictures that were thought to be lost forever. When encountering a challenge with deleted photos, it is essential to carefully scan the trash on your Android device, as this is where the surprise of discovering valuable memories may lie. It is worth noting that the location of the Recycle Bin may vary depending on the model of your phone. The explanation above pertains to a Samsung Galaxy. Additionally, there are applications available that can retrieve old or lost photos from a more extended period.

Recover old photos on Android

Many of us collect precious memories through photos on our Android devices. However, it’s not uncommon to accidentally delete or lose some of these moments. Thankfully, there are specialized applications that can help us recover these images from both the internal and external memory of our devices. In this paragraph, we will explore the effectiveness of these applications in retrieving lost photos. These tools allow us to quickly and conveniently preserve our memories and relive those cherished moments.

(DiskDigger photo recovery)

The DiskDigger app has an easy-to-use interface, which makes it simple for even non-tech-savvy users to search for and recover lost data. This feature is beneficial for those with little data recovery software experience. The app’s multiple file recovery feature supports various file formats, including images. This capability lets users quickly restore pictures and snapshots, regardless of format. The app can scan internal and external storage, allowing for a thorough scan of an entire device’s memory, including external memory cards. This means that users can recover more deleted files, and the chances of finding lost photos significantly increase. The preview feature in DiskDigger is a valuable tool that enables users to see restored pictures before saving them permanently. This feature allows users to select the photos they want to convert, making the recovery process more efficient.

DiskDigger Photo Recovery App How to Recover a Deleted Photo on Android
DiskDigger Photo Recovery App

1. First, download the app on your phone by clicking on the app name at the top👆, then click on Open to open the app.

Click on Open How to Recover a Deleted Photo on Android
Click on Open

2. After that, click on Search For Lost Photos.

Click on Search For Lost Photos How to Recover a Deleted Photo on Android
Click on Search For Lost Photos

3. Now, you will wait for the app to complete searching for the lost photos. After that, select the images you want to recover, then click on Recovery.

Click on Recovery How to Recover a Deleted Photo on Android
Click on Recovery

Recovering old photos on Android is essential to preserve our cherished memories. Dedicated apps offer practical and powerful tools to retrieve images quickly and efficiently, regardless of whether they are stored on an internal or external memory card. The value of memories that date back in time cannot be overstated. Specialized applications are available to help ensure the continuity of these memories in our digital lives.

Apps Recover Deleted Photo

Smartphones have become the go-to device for storing memories in today’s technology-driven world. But what happens when you accidentally delete important photos?🤷It can result in losing cherished moments, leaving you feeling devastated. Fortunately, deleted photo recovery apps have emerged as essential tools to recover lost photos. This paragraph will explore several applications that offer reliable recovery services for deleted photos. These apps provide an easy and effective solution to recover those precious photos, regardless of whether they were deleted accidentally or due to device issues.


Dr.Fone – Recover is a widely recognized and efficient app that offers a comprehensive solution for recovering data on Android devices. The app is designed with an intuitive user interface and powerful features that make the data retrieval process easy and efficient for users with varying levels of expertise. Dr.Fone enables the recovery of an extensive range of data, including but not limited to photos, videos, messages, contacts, and more, thus presenting a one-stop solution for recovering crucial information. The app is compatible with various Android device types and versions, rendering it usable on multiple devices. The app’s intuitive user interface design makes the data retrieval process easy and understandable, even for non-expert users. Moreover, Dr.Fone provides a preview feature of the recovered data, enabling users to choose the data they wish to recover before initiating the final process.

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Dr.Fone App
Dr.Fone App

To recover lost data from an Android device, please follow these steps👇.
Install the Dr.Fone – Recover app from the Google Play Store.
Connect your Android device to your computer and select the recovery mode. Choose the types of data you want to recover, such as photos, videos, messages, and more. Initiate the scanning process to search for the missing data. Once the scan is complete, select the data you wish to retrieve and click the Recover button to save it to your device.

(Photo Recovery)

The Photo Recovery app is a powerful and reliable tool designed to recover deleted photos from Android devices. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies photo recovery, even for those with limited technical expertise. This app can restore images in various formats, including JPEG, PNG, and other common file types, making it easy for users to retrieve images of different types. Photo Recovery has comprehensive scanning capabilities that enable it to scan the phone’s internal and external memory cards to locate and recover deleted photos, thereby increasing the likelihood of a successful recovery. To improve usability and convenience, the app allows users to filter search results by file type or date, making it easier to locate missing photos quickly.

Photo Recovery App
Photo Recovery App

To recover deleted photos and preserve precious memories on Android devices, we recommend installing the Photo Recovery app, available for download on the Google Play Store. After installing the app, select the appropriate scan type (internal memory or memory card) to begin the scan. Once the scan is complete, please review the results and choose the photos you wish to recover. Finally, select the Restore button to save the selected pictures on your device. Thank you for considering Photo Recovery for your photo recovery needs.


Are you worried about losing your precious photos on your Android device? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. This article will discuss some powerful and practical apps to help you recover your deleted photos quickly. To ensure a successful recovery, make sure you follow the simple steps to use the appropriate app, such as “DiskDigger Photo Recovery”, “Dr.Fone – Recover”, or “Photo Recovery”. Once you’ve installed the correct app, follow the instructions carefully, and you’ll get your photos back quickly.

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